Why D3? Pursuing Excellence in Spite of Stigma

In my freshman year in college I felt like I was constantly getting asked one question. “Why did you go D3 when you could have gone D1?” And if it wasn’t me getting asked the question, it was my parents, coaches and sister who were the ones being bombarded. Truth be told, I never lovedContinue reading “Why D3? Pursuing Excellence in Spite of Stigma”

If Running Ended Today…

If you enjoy running as much as I do, you probably have found yourself digging through race archives, rewatching some of the greatest races in our sport. Running, according to history, preceded all the other sports we see today. Yet, today, our sport faces a highly questionable future. On July 8th, 2020, Stanford University cutContinue reading “If Running Ended Today…”

The Wyomissing Chocolate Milk Mile

Track had always come easy for Dylan Servis. A star high school mid-distance runner, Dylan had dominated Berks County throughout his senior season. He broke the vaunted 1:55 barrier in the 800, setting a few school records along the way. And colleges took notice of how easy track came for him: He was committed toContinue reading “The Wyomissing Chocolate Milk Mile”

Running Changed My Life

Running changed my life. Read that again. Running changed my life. This phrase can hold a different meaning for everyone at any level of fitness. Anyone who is considered a “runner” will not have the same universal experience. Personally, running changed the way I view myself and the world around me. It changed the decisionsContinue reading “Running Changed My Life”

Club Running: An Alternate Division

This isn’t meant to be singular story about one individual who ended up on a different running career. It’s a perspective on an often-ignored category of athletes who, voluntary or not, compete in the club running scene. I want to encapsulate several of the reasons that runners can still find enjoyment and satisfaction in aContinue reading “Club Running: An Alternate Division”

Dance Monkey, Polo Fields & F-It

A 6th year dedicated to the Georgetown Hoyas. I spent six years competing for the Georgetown Hoyas. Each year holds a special place in my heart for its own unique reasons. Below I will only be reflecting on my 5th & 6th years; however, it goes without saying that my first four years at Georgetown playedContinue reading “Dance Monkey, Polo Fields & F-It”

Self-Worth Comes From Elsewhere

Sports have a unique way of affecting how we feel about ourselves. We often feel a psychological attachment to our own performances. When we win or do well, we don’t just feel that we’re better athletes; we feel like better people, and we feel superior and entitled.  Our feelings go well past our own performances.Continue reading “Self-Worth Comes From Elsewhere”