Matt Wisner Training Log

January 20-26 2020.

Monday (Jan 20): 12 miles at the American Tobacco Trail. 

Tuesday (Jan 21): Track session. 1200 in 3:21. 800 jog. 3x (3x 400), with 200 jog between reps & 400 jog between sets. First 3 in 62, then 61, then 60. 

Wednesday (Jan 23): 6 miles + 5 striders in the grass afterward. 

Thursday (Jan 24): Travel to New York. 5 miles easy in Central Park. Massage at night. 

Friday (Jan 25): AM shakeout. DMR at the Armory. I ran the 1600 leg. We didn’t run fast. 8 miles on the day.

Saturday (Jan 26): 800m Pro section hollaaaa I only ran 1:50.46. It was fun though. 7 miles on the day. 

Sunday (Jan 27): 8 miles easy. 

Weekly total: 55 miles.


800m: 1:48.04

2 x NCAA Indoor National Championship Qualifier

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